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Examples of Dental Negligence Cases

Sample 1 - Client swallowed equipment

In this particular instance, an elderly and nervous patient swallowed a piece of dental equipment that became detached during her treatment. The client was immediately taken to hospital for an x-ray to discover that she had in fact swallowed the piece of equipment in question. After a month had passed , the patient undertook a further x-ray to discover that she had in fact passed the foreign object. As a result of the whole ordeal, the patient suffered with stress and anxiety.

Sample 2 - Broken dental instrument

Whilst undergoing treatment, a piece of dental equipment was left embedded in a patient’s tooth, which later led the patient requiring the tooth to be remove as an infection had taken hold in the tooth.

Sample 3 - Failure to recognise decay

Following complaints to the dentist about tooth pain, the dentist failed to determine the cause of the pain and further discover that decay had occurred in the tooth in question. Delayed treatment led to the tooth being removed and being replaced with a crown.

Sample 4 - Wrongful extraction

This can occur simply down to the fact that the dentist has made a mistake and extracted the wrong tooth. This could be brought about by failure to consider or read the medical records and notes correctly. Further complications occur when a dentist fails to attribute the pain being suffered relates to a nearby tooth, rather than the one being extracted.

Sample 5 - Inadequate root canal treatment

This can occur where the dentist simply fails to conduct the element of this treatment, thereby giving cause for the infection to grow in the tooth in question. This can lead to the tooth in question requiring extraction.


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