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Dental Negligence Compensation

Visiting the dentist for most people can be a daunting experience in itself. We have become aware from early childhood that the kinds of procedures which will take place are likely to cause tension, stress and in some cases a little pain. To deal with this situation we put our trust in the professional dentist, his assistants and equipment.

Normally dental care in the UK is of a consistently high standard and we all know that the intentions of our dentists and auxiliary staff are always well intentioned. But sometimes things go wrong. Unfortunately there will be times when the dental treatment provided falls below the expected standard and it is you the patient who suffers. It is at this time that you can claim for compensation.

As well as ensuring the procedure is a success in itself it is the duty of the dentist to ensure your overall oral health is monitored. If he/she fails to do this you could be at risk. It could lead to further complications. It is therefore imperative your dentist does not delay in making a diagnosis and either arranges for treatment or the appropriate referral.

At Dental Accident Helpline our team of specialist solicitors can guide you through the procedure for making a dental negligence claim from beginning to end. We want to make sure you have maximum support in taking your winning your claim or taking your claim to court. For advice now about your claim ring 0330 223 2697 or fill in our online compensation form.

The types of dental negligence claims which are made are varied. They include the following:

Abscess diagnosis and treatment errors
Anaesthesia complications and treatment errors
Apicoectomy errors
Dental crown and bridge fitting errors
Dental tool and equipment errors
Dental veneer treatment errors
Dental extraction errors
Dental procedural errors
Maxillofacial diagnosis and treatment errors
Oral cancer diagnosis and treatment errors
Orthopaedic treatment errors
Periodontal diagnosis and treatment errors
Root canal diagnosis and treatment errors
Teeth Straightening diagnosis and treatment errors
Teeth whitening treatment errors
Wisdom tooth extraction errors