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Teeth straightening treatment and diagnosis errors

As well as dealing with medical complaints it is the responsibility and duty of your dentist to assess for issues which may lead to aesthetic problems. Any diagnosis or treatment should not cause discomfort, pain, detriment to any other part of the mouth area and good presentation. If you feel you have received a sub-standard treatment you should consider making a dental negligence claim.

What is teeth straightening treatment?

When teeth do not grow at the correct angle it can cause both a functional and an aesthetic issue – especially for children. The traditional treatment a dentist will use is braces on the teeth (this is called orthodontics). There are different types of braces and your dentist should assess your individual needs to ensure the correct brace is fitted.

What happens if treatment is not administered correctly?

Failure to diagnose or delay diagnosis may result in the issue being more difficult to treat in the future. An error in treatment could cause gum disease, a misalignment of the teeth or a loosening of the teeth.

When would the Dentist's professional expertise be in question?

  • The dentist fails to diagnose tooth decay or gum disease
  • The treatment leads to further misalignment of the teeth
  • The dentist fails to diagnose where treatment has led to loosening of the teeth
  • There is injury to the soft tissues during treatment

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