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Root Canal treatment errors and delay

If the dentist fails to diagnose dental complaints or fails to administer any treatment to an acceptable standard, injury, complications or further treatment may result. The treatment itself may cause unacceptable pain.  In this type of situation you can make a dental negligence claim.

What is root canal treatment for?

When an infection or decay has built up at the centre or heart of a tooth, root canal treatment is needed. During the procedure the bacteria will be removed, the root canal filled and the then the tooth sealed with a crown. The treatment is renowned for not being a pleasant experience but you should never feel unnecessary pain. The dentist should use a local anaesthetic to numb all pain during the procedure.

What happens if the root canal treatment is not administered correctly?

You may experience more pain than is necessary during treatment. Errors in treatment may result in severe pain following the procedure, loss of teeth, or further surgery.

When would the Dentist’s professional expertise be in question?

  • There is an unacceptable delay in carrying out the treatment
  • No after-care advice is provided 
  • The dentist delays diagnoses 
  • The root canal treatment is carried out incorrectly
  • There is a delay in treating an infection

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