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Oral Cancer diagnosis and treatment errors

It is the responsibility of the dentist not only to deal with the presenting dental complaint but also to be aware of any other oral medical problems. Failure to diagnose associated medical issues may have serious repercussions. If you have found you have experienced this type of scenario you should consider making a dental negligence claim.

What is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer is one of the many different associated illnesses connected with the mouth.  A tumour may develop on the surface of the tongue, mouth, lips or gums. 

What happens if there is a delay in diagnosis or errors in treatment?

The earlier a tumour is diagnosed the more positive results are expected in treatment. Errors in treatment could exacerbate the problem or delay progress.

When would the Dentist’s professional expertise be in question?

  • Any delay in diagnosis could jeopardise the essential treatment which follows. This includes the administration of a biopsy, punch biopsy, fine needle aspiration (FNA),  or panendoscopy
  • There is a failure to treat oral cancer  
  • The essential aspects of treatment are delayed (i.e. carrying out an X-ray, MRI and CT scan)
  • There is a failure in providing the correct and appropriate surgery
  • There is a delay in carrying out an ultrasound
  • No blood test is carried out
  • There is a misdiagnosis of symptoms

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