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Mismanagement of dental infections

It is important that any surgery a dentist may undertake is timely, correct in its diagnosis and competent in practice. If a delay in diagnosis is made or if the dentist fails to apply the appropriate treatment or diagnosis, further complications and associated medical problems may arise. If you have experience this type of situation you should consider making a dental negligence claim.

What is a dental infection?

It is the duty of a professional dentist to treat all dental infections (abscess, gingivitis, periodontal diseases etc.) appropriately. It is also imperative that the dental surgery is kept hygienic so that diseases are not spread through unclean equipment or procedures. 

What happens if there is mismanagement of dental infections?

If the dentist does not deal with the dental infection appropriately it could lead to the infection worsening and in some circumstances spreading to other parts of the body. Infections of the teeth and gingivae can spread to contiguous structures (e.g., sinusitis, osteomyelitis of the jaw, aspiration pneumonia). 

When would the Dentist’s professional expertise be in question?

  • There is a delay in diagnosing the infection
  • The dentist fails to prescribe appropriate antibiotics
  • An abscess is not diagnosed or diagnosis is delayed.
  • The dentist does not drain the abscess appropriately.
  • A patient is not referred to a skilled practitioner to deal with the infection
  • Mismanagement of recurring infection
  • An error is made in diagnosing osteomyelitis 

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