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Dental Veneer treatment errors

As well as rectifying dental problems, the professional dentist will also offer services which enhance your dental and oral presentation. In both cases, on completion of treatment the finished work must meet a satisfactory or approved standard. If you are not satisfied you can consider bringing a dental negligence claim.

What is dental veneer?

Dental veneers are designed to cover the front surface of the tooth and improve overall appearance. Bonded to the tooth, the “shells” may change the colour, size, length or shape of the tooth.

What may happen if veneers are administered incorrectly?

You may experience unacceptable discomfort during the procedure, you may find the veneer is not appropriate for your tooth or you may find the appearance of the veneer is not satisfactory on completion of the treatment.

When would the Dentist’s professional expertise be in question?

  •  The dentist makes clear errors during the application of the veneer
  • Excessive force whilst applying the veneer causes pain, or unacceptable discomfort
  • If the dentist uses the incorrect bonding material during the procedure it is likely the stability of the application will be in question.
  • The dentist uses an incorrectly sized veneer and it therefore does not complement your tooth structure or it may cause associated functional issues.
  • The dentist fails to apply an aesthetically correct veneer leaving you unhappy with the final presentation.

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