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Dental procedural errors

It is not always clear to the dental patient whether your dentist has kept to accepted professional standards when administering dental treatment. Unless you have a thorough knowledge of dental procedures this only becomes apparent when the patient experiences discomfort, pain or distress during the treatment, or further treatment is need to rectify any errors.

Do Dentists have to keep to procedural standards?

Yes, as medical professionals, as well as ensuring they follow guidelines for all treatments, procedures and interactions with the patient, they also have to meet acceptable standards in their practice. These requirements are set out in the Standards for the Dental Team issued by the General Dental Council.

When would the Dentist’s professional expertise be in question?

You should be happy that your dentist is applying the highest standard of care at all times.  As well as all the traditional dental treatments (root canal, a dental bridge, applying veneers crowns and fillings etc.) serious errors have been made using associated diagnosis tools such as x-rays  or CT scans. Diagnosis must be accurate and correct referral to another professional is also essential if necessary. It would be an error for instance if a professional dentist failed to refer you to another professional at the correct time as this may result in a delay in treatment and an exacerbation of the dental problem.

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