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Dental Orthopaedic treatment errors

If the dentist fails to administer orthopaedic treatment to an acceptable standard, injury, complications or further treatment may result.  In this type of situation you can make a dental negligence claim.

What is Dental orthopaedic treatment?

This branch of dentistry is concerned with conditions involving the realignment and development of the jaws and musculo/skeletal system. For instance, if the mouth is overcrowded or if the biting position is out of alignment, the dentist realigns the jaw so teeth grow correctly and find optimum position within the mouth.

What happens if the dental orthopaedic treatment is not administered correctly?

Many of these procedures will take place to ensure a child’s teeth grow appropriately in the future.  Therefore if diagnosis is delayed or if treatment is incompetent, as well as possibly causing immediate injury, the child’s future oral presentation and dental functions may be at risk.

When would the Dentist’s professional expertise be in question?

  • The dentist uses excessive force when extracting a tooth which results in unacceptable distress or further injury or medical complications
  • The dentist Fails to consider a patient’s medical history of previous injuries
  • The dentist applies excessive force to the jaw which results in unacceptable distress, further injury or medical complications

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